Dozen years of relationships

I spent roughly half of my 25 years with Celanese at the Celriver plant.  My daughter jokingly called it “Smellanese” although she didn’t really know what she had missed since I didn’t pursue my Pulp and Paper Technology degree into that industry!  Still, the woodpulp raw material at Celriver created a connection to a familiar resource.

With my second degree in Chemical Engineering, you would think that the opportunity to learn the process of making “artificial silk” would be the highlight.  And, when I was asked to supervise the Warehouse I must admit that I wondered what a PhD in Engineering would bring to the party.  In fact, the time spent with the Warehouse employees was probably the greatest learning opportunity I had.  Dealing with a unionized workforce was not included in my college courses!  However, the Warehouse employees soon showed me that we all appreciate being treated with fairness and respect.  How tough is that?

Even now, twenty-five years after leaving Celriver, I miss the floors of polished maple, the smell of acetone, and the pound after pound of yarn channeling through the buildings.  But, most of all, I miss the many people who made up the Celriver family.  Anecdote after anecdote run through my mind as I recall the dozen years of relationships created at The Celanese.

Mack Bailey 1978 to 1990