looking for the celriver plant



The water tower on the Catawba

all that’s left of the old plant.


Tall brick walls & polished maple floors

housed bonds of chemistry, kin, & community.


Methodical hands guided by educated minds

designed systems that dissolved their knowledge

into a viscous cellulose solution.


Nimble hands once played the white filament

making silent songs moving bobbins,

have shifted to other instruments.


Heavy, etched hands

once measured their contribution

with careful attention to detail

and craftsmanship.


Committed, caring hands responsible

for motivating people and process,

manufactured meaningful relationships

reinforced with collective respect.


Those there during its peak,

thankful for their good fortune,

speak of the golden age of

the modern fibers plant.



[est 2007]

Here, by the river, the cycle continues

a sure foundation and a new community emerges.