Family Connections

As a young girl, I vividly recall visiting the Celanese Plant during the time my mother, Geraldine Farmer, worked there and being in awe of the size and sheer magnitude of such a place. I also recall how much our family life changed after she began working there.  We did not have much growing up, but life became a little easier once she began working for Celanese. Her job there provided our family opportunities to do things we would not have been able to do otherwise, including the opportunity to go to college. 

My mother benefited personally and professionally in many ways during her years at Celanese. The Celanese family was her extended family, and many of our conversations centered around the people with whom she worked and their families. She loved so many of the people there!  Celanese also provided my mother with a sense of accomplishment, importance, pride and worthiness to a cause outside of her family life.  My mother did not have a college education, but Celanese was a place where she was able to be successful and move up through the organization simply through hard work and commitment, breaking many “glass ceilings “along the way. This opportunity to succeed enabled her to become one of the first female managers in the entire corporation, an accomplishment in which she took a great amount of pride. Celanese Corporation gave her the chance to succeed, and she was then able to help blaze a path for other women in the workplace to have the same opportunities.

My mother was one of the founding members of the Celriver Legacy Board, and it was so important to her that the accomplishments and dedication of the employees of Celanese never be forgotten. After she passed away in 2013, it was my honor and privilege to step in and attempt in any small way I could to fill her shoes to make sure that this project is carried through to fruition.  I want to see this happen because it was important to her, but also because it should be important to all the citizens of the Rock Hill and surrounding communities to pay tribute and honor the legacy of the Celriver Plant, its employees, and the contributions they made.

Karlene Haley

Board Member