Celanese – What Wonderful Opportunities

After growing up on a farm in rural North Carolina and graduating from NC State University with a degree in Chemical Engineering, I traveled to Rock Hill with all my possessions in a lightly loaded 1960 Ford Falcon and started work at Celriver in June, 1965. I worked in Product Development, Process Development and Project Engineering at Celriver and developed many good friends. I transferred to Project Engineering at DRP in 1972 working primarily with the polyester and cigarette tow folks. After 6 months, I returned to Celriver as a Supervisor in Project Engineering. Starting in 1973, I was Utilities Superintendent at Celriver for 5-1/2 years. I got to work with all areas of the plant and continued to develop good friends. In 1978 I came back to Technical and worked in the CA, AR and AM areas.

In 1984, I transferred to DRP as a Research Associate where I worked primarily in the CA and AR areas working with all of our flake plants including Celriver, Celco, Edmonton, Canada and Ocotlan, Mexico and the tow and filament plant in Lanaken, Belgium. I also led Technical Exchanges with other flake manufacturers including British Celanese in England, Daicel in Japan and Acetati in Italy. I did the process design for the flake plant in Nantong, PRC. During this time I developed good friends in Celanese and other companies worldwide. In November, 1998 I was transferred back to Celriver and worked in many areas of the plant until retiring at the end of 1999 after 34-1/2 years with Celanese. I was very fortunate to be able to live in Rock Hill my entire career with Celanese.

I met Andrea Talley, a Winthrop student, and we were married in 1968 and have two daughters and four granddaughters. We joined First Baptist Church in Rock Hill and were active in many different capacities. I served on the Long Range Planning Committee and was Chairman during the relocation of the church from downtown Rock Hill to our current site on Dave Lyle Boulevard. Using my Celanese experience I served as Owner’s Representative during the construction of Phase I and Phase II of the FBC facilities. My wife passed away in 2003 after 35 years of marriage. I then married Jackie Matthews in 2010. Between us, we have 10 grandchildren.

What great opportunities and how wonderfully I was blessed by Celanese and Celriver.

My great hope is the Celriver Legacy Plaza and Legacy Scholarships will help us remember our great friends and the importance of Celriver to the Rock hill Community.

Jim Davis

Celriver Legacy Project Treasurer