I will always treasure the relationships

In 1965, fresh out of college, I started work at the Celanese Nylon Industries plant in Greenville, SC.  I was a project engineer in a brand new facility and eager to experience the world of synthetic fiber manufacturing.  Celanese offered a wide range of challenging work opportunities along with lots of training in the technical and management fields. This and the many talented employees that I met there kept me excited about working at Celanese for the next 34 years, eventually retiring after working 17 years at the Celriver plant.

Coming to Celriver in 1982 was particularly exciting for me.  Although it was the fourth location that I had worked in, it was a first in several ways: my first experience in the cellulose acetate industry, my first experience in a unionized facility, and my first direct exposure to safety, health and environmental management.  Celriver employees had shown that they could handle multiple complex operations, including cellulose acetate, carbon fibers, Pbi, and the chemical terminal, so being part of the Celriver team was never dull nor boring.  Also, I was impressed that Celriver employees were so involved in the surrounding community organizations and activities and that the relationship between Celriver and the community was both strong and positive.

Although the closing of the Celriver plant in 2005 was disappointing, I will always treasure the working relationships and the experiences there.  The community impact of the plant and of the thousands of employees who worked there over the 57 years of operation is special and continues even today.  I am proud to have played even a small part in the history of Celriver.

Norman Culbertson

Manager, Environmental, Health and Safety