Our Celriver adventure began in late May 1971

Our Celriver adventure began in late May of 1971.  Newly graduated from Iowa State University, Connie and I left Ames, Iowa pulling a 5X8 Uhaul.  We had a brief layover in Corbin, Kentucky where Connie gave birth to our first daughter, Katherine Corbin.  A later due date proved to be a bit of a miscalculation.    After receiving the keys to the city of Corbin, we journeyed on to Rock Hill where I began a 35 year career with Celanese. 

During my first six incredible formative years, I held positions in Operations Analysis, Planning, Warehouse and Bobbin Stores, and Quality Control.    The learning experiences working with, supervising, being supervised, and sharing triumphs as well as setbacks with Celriver folks will serve me well for my entire life. My tenure at Celriver ended in September of 1977 when I transferred to acetate planning in the Charlotte office.  Having made such close ties we kept our Rock Hill residence.

My final position with Celanese was as general manager in Kunming, China for five years.  Celriver sent us flake during our successful expansion.  Though Celriver has closed, the Legacy lives on.  Soon I will share with granddaughter, Corbin, the Celriver Plaza.  I will explain that the enterprise and the community that embodied Celriver are part of who she is.  To all of you who played a role in this adventure, thank you.  

Brad McKeown